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Learn how to say “snowflake” in French

Goal: Learn how to say “snowflake” in French


**Recommended club documents:

  • Étiquettes-mots-La neige
  • Forme à lacer-Flocon
  • Fiches d’activité-La neige
  • Modèles-Petits flocons
  • Formes-Noël

**To use the documents mentioned above, you must have access to Club Educatout. Educatall Club members can join the French club at a low price.                        


Suggested activities:

Print the “Modèles-Petits flocons” document. Laminate and cut out the snowflakes and deposit them here and there throughout your circle time area. Children are sure to manipulate the snowflakes, they are so pretty! Explain how in French, a snowflake is a “flocon”.


If you wish, you may click on the following link to hear the new word:


Have fun repeating the word with your group several times. Spread a large white blanket on the floor. Invite children to take turns setting a paper snowflake on your blanket, saying “flocon” with each new addition. Once all the paper snowflakes have been collected, have them hold on to the edges of the blanket and shake it to send the snowflakes bouncing through the air after saying, “1, 2, 3, flocon!”


Print a second copy of the “Modèles-Petits flocons” document. Laminate and cut out the snowflakes. Select several pairs of identical snowflakes that can be used for a snowy memory game. The number of snowflakes will vary depending on the ages of the children in your group. You will need small aluminum pie plates. Have older children help you glue one snowflake in each plate. Set the plates upside down on a table. Children take turns overturning two plates. If the snowflakes are identical, they may keep them…but they must first say “flocon”.


Variation: You may also set one snowflake from each pair in an oversized mitten. Arrange the other snowflakes on a table. Children take turns picking a snowflake out of the mitten and associating it with the identical snowflake on the table. When they succeed, say “flocon” together.


Print the “Étiquettes-mots-La neige” document for each child. Keep only the word “flocon”. You can encourage children to identify the new word among all the flashcards and cut it out themselves. Cut snowflakes out of paper with your group. Have each child create a “flocon” mobile by hanging the flashcard and several paper snowflakes from a hanger. Hang the mobiles within your daycare and use them to repeat the new word every day. You can, for example, have children gently blow on their mobile to send the “flocon” flying to represent a snowstorm.


Print the “Fiches d’activité-La neige” document for each child. Encourage children to trace the snowflakes with crayons. Every time they complete a snowflake, have them say “flocon”.


Print the “Forme à lacer-Flocon” document for each child. Trace the snowflake shape on heavy cardboard and help children cut it out. Use a hole-punch to make holes where indicated on the model. Give each child a ribbon they can thread through the holes. Once this step is completed, children can add glitter and stick a magnet behind their “flocon”. They will be happy to display it on their refrigerator at home. It will represent a great reminder of the new word they have just added to their French vocabulary.


With your group (or before children arrive in the morning), cut large snowflake shapes out of paper. Cut several Fun Foam circles too. The circles must be big enough to stick the snowflakes on them. Have children glue the snowflakes on the circles and have fun using them as frisbees. Every time they throw a snowflake, have them say “flocon”.


If you have snow globes, let children take turns shaking them to make the snowflakes flutter around. Encourage children to say “flocon” throughout this activity, every time they observe the snowflakes falling inside a snow globe.


Print the first page of the “Formes-Noël” document on heavy cardboard. Cut out the snowflake and use it as a model for tracing several snowflakes on white or light blue felt. Cut out the felt snowflakes. Stick several pieces of dark felt on a large piece of cardboard to create a felt board. Children take turns sticking a felt snowflake on your board, saying “flocon” every time. Encourage them to completely fill your board with snowflakes to represent a snowstorm. The more snowflakes they add, the more they will get to hear and say the new word.


At the end of the activity, you may give one felt snowflake to each child. They could, for example, add it to their “flocon” mobile or simply hang it above their naptime spot with pretty ribbon. If you wish, they could even use their snowflake to make a necklace by threading it on a silver Christmas garland (supervision required).


You will find snowflake-themed hole-punches and stamps in the scrapbooking section of most dollar stores. Let children use your findings to create tons of “flocon”.


At the end of the day, use makeup pencils to draw a “flocon” on each child’s cheek. When parents ask them about it, they will gladly share the new word they explored at daycare with them.


Don’t forget to observe “flocon” on your mittens when you are out and about with your group too!


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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