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Learn how to say “reindeer” in French

Goal: Learn how to say “reindeer” in French


** Recommended club documents:

  • Étiquettes-mots géants-Noël
  • Éduca-déco- Noël
  • Cahier d’écriture-Noël
  • Jeu-Renne au nez rouge

** To use the documents mentioned above, you must have access to Club Educatout. Educatall Club members can join the French club at a low price.                        


Suggested activities:


Print the “Étiquettes-mots géants-Noël » document. Use the “renne” flashcard to present the new word to your group.


You may click on the following link to discover the proper pronunciation of this new word:


Have fun trying to repeat this new word as a group for a few minutes. If you have a headband with antlers, wear it just for fun. If you wish, you could purchase antlers for each child in your group. Reward children with antlers once they successfully say “renne”. Keep the headbands in your circle time area for a few days. Every time children wish to wear them, encourage them to say “renne” one more time.


Print the “Éduca-déco-Noël” document for each child. Help them cut out the various shapes and ask them to identify the “renne”. Set them aside.


Purchase several gift bags containing pictures of the North Pole (workshop, village, etc.). Cut out the illustrations and stick them on a large piece of cardboard. Display them on a wall. Give children cotton balls they can glue here and there on the scenes to represent snow. Encourage children to add the reindeer they previously cut out to the scenes, saying “renne” with each new addition.


Print the third page of the “Cahier d’écriture-Noël” document. Give each child the section containing the word “renne”. Have them trace the first letter of the word and encourage them to color the reindeer. When they are done, give each child a reindeer sticker as a reward for their work. If you have several sticker sheets, have children pick a sticker containing a “renne”. Invite them to repeat the new word once more.


Print the “Jeu-Renne au nez rouge” document. Laminate the red noses and give each child at least one red nose. Display the reindeer on a wall. Ask children what kind of animal it is in French to provide them with the opportunity to repeat the new word. Blindfold one child at a time and let them try to stick the nose as close to the correct spot as possible. The other children can guide the blindfolded child. The louder they say “renne”, the closer the child is. At the end of the activity, leave the reindeer displayed on the wall.


Hand children their antler headbands and provide miniature candy canes and unbreakable ornaments. Divide your group into teams of two. Each child decorates his partner’s antlers, just like the reindeer in the previous game. When they are done, provide a mirror and encourage children to admire their reflection. Parade around the daycare and visit other daycare groups. Children will be proud to share the new French word they have just learned with others.


Play the “Petit renne au nez rouge” song (easy to find on the Web). Every time you reach the word “renne” in the song, turn the volume down and point to the children in your group. They will love to shout “renne”. Repeat this exercise several times during the week. Be prepared to hear children begin to sing parts of the French song. They may not know all the words, but I am sure you will hear “renne” loud and clear.


Purchase a reindeer decoration or draw a large reindeer on a piece of cardboard. Photograph each child in front of this décor. When it’s time for them to smile, have them say “renne”.


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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