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Magic Nuudle Christmas Tree

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-1


An original seasonal craft that is easy to create.


1. Gather your material. You will need two sheets of green Magic CornStruction paper, one sheet of yellow Magic CornStruction paper, a few Magic Nuudles (bright colors), colourful adhesive hole reinforcements, scissors, and white Model Magic dough.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-2

2. Spread the Model Magic dough out to represent a snowy hill. Set it aside.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-3

3. Cut two large triangles out of the green sheets of Magic CornStruction paper. Both triangles must be identical.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-4

4. Cut a slit up the centre of the base of one triangle, stopping in the middle as shown.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-5

5. In the other triangle, cut a slit from the top down to the centre.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-6

6. Use the adhesive hole reinforcements to represent garlands. Have fun naming the colors and counting the hole reinforcements with the children in your group. The garlands must be present on both sides of each triangle. Be sure to use the same colors on all sides. For example, the top garland on all four sides could be red, the second one blue, and so on…

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-7

7. Cut each Magic Nuudle into three pieces.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-8

8. Moisten the Magic Nuudle pieces and press them here and there on both sides of each triangle to represent ornaments.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-9

9. Slide both triangles one inside the other to create a three-dimensional Christmas tree.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-10

10. Press your Christmas tree on the snowy hill you created using Model Magic dough. Let dry.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-11

11. Cut a star shape out of the yellow Magic CornStruction paper and stick it at the top of your tree.

Magic Nuudle Christmas tree-12


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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