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Elves can be silly without necessarily being naughty

By now, everyone is familiar with the Elf on the Shelf concept and everything it involves. Many have hopped on board and made it part of their Christmas fun. Others prefer to avoid everything elf-related. Some believe the presence of elves in the weeks leading up to Christmas has helped bring Christmas magic back into our homes and daycares. I tend to agree, but believe me, my feelings about elves have evolved quite a bit.


I must admit that when the Elf on the Shelf concept initially became popular, I did not find the idea attractive at all. Having to find a new trick each day, laughing at repeated messes that I would inevitably be the one cleaning up…it just wasn’t for me. However, since all my children’s friends had elves in their homes, my children wanted an elf of their own to capture. I understood their point of view and was forced to admit that the little elves sold everywhere were quite adorable. I remained skeptical, but since I wanted to make my children happy, I welcomed an elf into our home. However, so I would be comfortable with the whole idea, I adapted my strategy.


I decided to put a positive spin on our elf’s tricks. Since he was going to be part of our daily life for a few weeks every year, I figured I might as well make a helpful elf out of him. I also wanted to use our elf to offer simple pleasures my children would enjoy. After all, there are no rules that state the elves must be naughty. What do you think? Here is a list of ways our elf has been helpful as well as tiny treats and pleasures our “not-so-naughty” elf has come up with so far.

  • He has set the table for snack time, adding a few fun Christmas decorations.
  • He has planned an arts & crafts activity, set all the necessary materials out on a table, and provided a model.
  • He has organized a treasure hunt (indoors and/or outdoors).
  • He has prepared special snacks (a sweet treat, a fruit platter, something we very rarely eat).
  • He has prepared all the ingredients for a special recipe and set an illustrated version of the recipe nearby, so my children could help and follow along.
  • He has rearranged the furniture in our playroom and set up a few Christmas-themed areas.
  • He has created an obstacle course that my children were to complete as they went from one room to another.
  • He has decorated our playroom with Christmas items and pictures of elves.
  • He has planned a “backwards day” (dessert served first, put your pyjamas on after breakfast, there are no rules to follow…).
  • He has organized a cupcake decorating activity where the cupcakes could be eaten for dessert or placed in pretty boxes (they make great gifts). He also baked and decorated cupcakes for us and set them on a pretty Christmas platter.
  • He has left a bin filled with new toys for my children to explore.
  • He has left an elf hat model and all the materials we needed to make our own.
  • He has planned a surprise visit from one of his elf friends (an adult dressed up as an elf).
  • He has left a Christmas movie and popcorn, Christmas blankets, Christmas candy pieces, etc. in the living room for us to enjoy.


Have fun with your elf!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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