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My miniature igloo

My miniature igloo-1 


No need to go out in the cold to build this igloo.

1. Gather your material. You will need a white crepe paper party streamer roll, a white Styrofoam drinking glass, scissors, an empty yogurt container, white glue, and/or hot glue.


My miniature igloo-2

2. Cut the Styrofoam glass as shown.


My miniature igloo-3


3. Using hot glue (or white glue), stick the glass to the yogurt container. The cut drinking glass will represent the tunnel used to enter the igloo.


My miniature igloo-4 


4. Cut several crepe paper squares.


My miniature igloo-5


5. Apply white glue all over the surface of the igloo and press layer after layer of crepe paper squares on it. Keep adding layers until the writing on the yogurt container can no longer be seen. Make several igloos and create a miniature village!


My miniature igloo-1


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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