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Learn how to say “skate” in French

Goal: Learn how to say “skate” in French.


**Recommended club documents:


Histoire ou mémoire-Hiver


Images à colorier-Les Olympiades d’hiver


**To use the documents mentioned above, you must have access to Club Educatout. Educatall Club members can join the French club at a low price.                        


Suggested activities: Print the “Étiquettes-mots-Hiver” document. Keep only the “patin” flashcard. During circle time, wear your ice skates (with skate guards of course). Children will be quick to notice them. Have fun performing simple spins and jumps before them. Once you have their attention, touch your skates and say “patin”. Explain to your group that the word “patin” means “skate” in French. Repeat the word together a few times. Invite children to take turns pretending they are skating. Encourage them with the other children by saying “patin” repeatedly as you clap your hands.


You may click on the following link to discover the proper pronunciation of this new word:


Purchase a blue plastic tablecloth or a piece of blue fabric. Use strong adhesive tape to stick the edges of your tablecloth or fabric on the floor. If you wish, you can cut the tablecloth or fabric to represent a frozen pond or outdoor skating rink. Invite children to walk around the rink. When you say “patin”, they must hop onto the rink and pretend to skate. When you say “patin” again, they must hop off and resume walking around the rink. Repeat several times. Let children take turns leading the game to provide them with the opportunity to practice saying the new word.


Print two copies of the “Histoire ou mémoire-Hiver” document. Laminate and cut out the cards. Hide them in a bin filled with hockey pucks or cotton balls. Children take turns searching for a card in the bin. If they see skates on the card they find, they must say “patin” as they show it to the other children before hiding it among the pucks or cotton balls once again.


Print the “Histoire ou mémoire-Hiver » document for each child. Ask them to identify and cut out a card on which they see skates. They can glue their card on a large piece of colourful cardboard. Laminate the cardboard when they are done and cut around each card. Stick a safety pin behind each card (or use adhesive putty) to create pins children will proudly wear. Encourage children to repeat the new word as you attach a pin to their sweater.


Print the “Bingo-Hiver” document. Laminate the playing cards and line them up on a wall or table. Laminate the smaller cards from the last page too. Hide all the cards that involve skates throughout your daycare. Invite children to search for them. Every time they find a card, they must say “patin” before pretending to skate to the bingo cards to set it in the corresponding square, on one of the cards. You can time your group. This will make them want to repeat the activity to try to beat their record.


Print several copies of the second and third page of the “Images à colorier-Les Olympiades d’hiver” document. Set them on a table and have children pick a picture to color. Cut the outline of a skate out of a colourful piece of cardboard. When children are done coloring their picture, they can stick it on the skate. Repeat the new word with each child. Hang your giant skate within your daycare.


When you go outside with your group, try to find a small patch of ice. Provide small figurines and let children make them skate on the ice. They will enjoy making them twirl and jump. Try to say “patin” as often as possible while they play.


Don’t forget to inform parents of this recent addition to their child’s French vocabulary so they aren’t surprised if their child wants a new pair of “patin”.


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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