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A rose that will never wither! 

A rose that will never wither-1 


The perfect Valentine’s Day keepsake.

1. Gather your material. You will need heavy cardboard, red tissue paper, red and green electrical tape, scissors, white glue and/or hot glue, and an empty coffee pod (K-cup).


A rose that will never wither-2


2. Wrap the red electrical tape around the coffee pod, starting a few centimetres above the top so you can fold it inside.


A rose that will never wither-3 


3. Continue wrapping until the pod is completely wrapped in red tape, including the bottom of the pod.


A rose that will never wither-4 


4. Overlap several sheets of red tissue paper and cut them so you have several strips of paper that are somewhat wider than the height of the coffee pod.


A rose that will never wither-5 


5. Roll up the overlapped layers of tissue paper.


A rose that will never wither-6 


6. You will end up with a tight roll that that will become your rose bud.


A rose that will never wither-7


7. Generously apply white glue inside the coffee pod, on the bottom. Delicately insert your tissue paper rose bud inside. It will unroll itself somewhat. Add a few dots of white glue here and there on the sides to hold the tissue paper rose bud in place.


A rose that will never wither-8


8. Cut a long stem with or without leaves out of the heavy cardboard. For younger children, avoid adding leaves to make the next step easier.


A rose that will never wither-9 


9. Wrap the green electrical tape around the stem and leaves.


A rose that will never wither-10


10. Glue the upper portion of the stem under the coffee pod to complete your rose. Your rose is ready to be offered to someone special…


A rose that will never wither-11


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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