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Tiny chocolate bunny

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The perfect ornament for your Easter tree.

1. Gather your material. You will need a piece of brown felt, a scrap of yellow Fun Foam, a scrap of pink Fun Foam, a scrap of blue Fun Foam, pastel ribbon, white glue and/or hot glue, scissors, a piece of chalk (not shown), and tissue paper.


Tiny chocolate bunny-2


2. Fold the brown felt in two widthwise. With the chalk, trace a basic rabbit shape on the upper portion.


Tiny chocolate bunny-3 


3. Cut out the rabbit shape in both layers so that you end up with two identical bunnies.


Tiny chocolate bunny-4


4. Tear several small pieces of tissue paper, crumple them, and use them to completely cover one of the bunnies, leaving a small uncovered edge all the way around the bunny shape.


Tiny chocolate bunny-5


5. Apply white or hot glue along the edge of the first bunny shape. Position the other bunny on top of the first one. Press both shapes together firmly.


Tiny chocolate bunny-6


6. Cut a small yellow circle out of the yellow Fun Foam and a tinier circle out of the blue Fun Foam. Glue the blue circle on the yellow circle as show to represent a candy eye like the ones on chocolate Easter bunnies. Glue the eye in place. Cut a small nose out of the pink Fun Foam and glue it on the tip of the bunny’s nose.


Tiny chocolate bunny-7 


7. Cut a piece of pastel ribbon and tie a bow. Glue the bow on the bunny’s neck.


Tiny chocolate bunny-8


8. Cut a second piece of ribbon, fold it in half to form a loop, and glue it behind your bunny so you can hang it in your Easter tree.


Tiny chocolate bunny-9


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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