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Easter egg trinket

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The perfect addition to your Easter decor.


1. Gather your material. You will need a sponge, ribbon, a picture frame passepartout with an oval center, pastel necklace beads, white glue and/or hot glue, and Fun Foam strips.

Easter egg trinket-2


2. Place the sponge vertically in front of you. Glue the Fun Foam strips on the sponge horizontally.


Easter egg trinket-3


3. Glue the necklace beads on your sponge in horizontal rows as shown.


Easter egg trinket-4 


4. Glue the picture frame passepartout on the sponge to see an Easter egg appear.


Easter egg trinket-5


5. Cut three pieces of ribbon. You will need two long pieces and a shorter one.


Easter egg trinket-6


6. With the two longer pieces of ribbon, create loops as shown. Use glue to stick the ends of each piece of ribbon together.


Easter egg trinket-7 


7. Position both loops one on top of the other, end to end. Wrap the shorter piece of ribbon around the centre vertically to create a bow. Glue it in place.


Easter egg trinket-8


8. Stick the bow above your Easter egg. Display your Easter egg trinket on a shelf.


Easter egg trinket-9



Patricia-Ann Morrison


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