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A “school corner” is a must for preschoolers

You most likely already have several corners set up within your daycare. Among the most popular ones are an arts & crafts corner, a toy car area, a kitchen area, and a reading corner. Have you ever thought of creating a “school corner”? After reading this article, I am convinced you will want to find room within your daycare to provide a “school corner” for the older children in your group. If you already have a “school corner”, I am sure this article will provide simple ideas that can make it even more special and attractive for children.


Preschoolers are fully aware that they will be attending school soon. Some may have even begun attending preschool part time. Others may have older brothers and sisters in school. Four and five-year-olds can often be seen “playing school”. They take turns playing the role of the teacher while their friends pretend to be students. Organizing all your school supplies in a specific corner can really enrich their pretend play. It all comes down to the fact that our role is to offer a stimulating environment complete with enriching material to foster children’s creativity.


Read on to discover simple additions that are easy to find.


In terms of “school furniture”, I suggest you include the following in your “school corner”:

  • Low tables and chairs (desks)
  • Small desks if you can find them
  • A larger table to represent the teacher’s desk
  • A dry-erase board
  • A chalkboard with chalk
  • A computer for the teacher

The following school supplies are sure to please the children in your group:

  • Spiral notebooks for writing
  • Books for reading
  • Pencils, erasers, highlighters (different colors), and of course, a red pen for the teacher
  • A calculator
  • Pre-writing worksheets (see educatall club)
  • Stickers for rewards
  • Notepads
  • Backpacks

Of course, you can visit the school supply section of any big-box store to complete your corner. If you have school-aged children, recycle their old notebooks and partially used supplies at the end of the school year. The children in your group will greatly enjoy exploring this “big kid material”.


Have fun playing school with your group!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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