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Learn how to say “spring” in French



• Learn how to say “spring” in French.


**Recommended club documents:  


• Étiquettes-mots-4 saisons

• Affiche-Mur saisons

• Jeu de la loupe-4 saisons


**To use the documents mentioned above, you must have access to Club Educatout. Educatall Club members can join the French club at a low price.                        


Suggested activities:

Print the “Étiquettes-mots-4 saisons” document. Keep only the word “printemps”. During circle time, hold an umbrella over your head. When children ask you why you are using an umbrella indoors, tell them that it’s finally spring and since it rains a lot during this season, you want to be ready. Explain how in French, spring is called “printemps”. If you wish, use a spray bottle filled with water to gently spray the children in your group to represent rain. Say “printemps” every time you do so. There is no doubt, children will want to manipulate your spray bottle and hold your umbrella. Let them take turns and encourage them to practice saying “printemps” as often as possible.


You can click on the following link to hear this new word:


Glue the word flashcard in the centre of a large piece of cardboard that you have previously cut to give it a flower shape. Turn this activity into a game. Provide pastel markers. When you say “printemps”, children pick a marker and draw on the giant flower. Every time you pronounce the new word, children must change color. Continue until your flower is well-decorated.


Print several copies of the last page of the “Affiche-Mur saisons” document. Cut out and laminate the pictures. Cut several light blue construction paper circles. Glue the circles on the floor, creating a path. Play music. If you can find French songs about rain, use them. Children hop, skip, or dance from one circle to the next. Every time you stop the music, children who are standing on a circle must say “printemps” as they pretend to splash in a puddle.


Display a spring picture from the “Affiche-mur saisons” document on your bulletin board. Help children recognize the clothing items they will need for this season: rain boots, rain coat, rain hat, umbrella, etc. Hide these items within your daycare or yard. Invite children to search for them. Every time a child finds an item, have him hand it to you. Say “printemps” together.


Give each child a “printemps” card from the first page of the “Affiche-mur saisons” document. Hide several flower, umbrella, or sun stickers throughout your daycare. Make sure you have enough so that each child can decorate his “printemps” card. Children walk around the daycare searching for stickers. Every time they find one, they can add it to their card. At the end of the day, they will be happy to show their decorated card to their parents. Chances are they will also share the latest addition to their French vocabulary with them.


Print the “Jeu de la loupe-4 saisons” document. Cut out the grid that is on the first page so you have twelve small illustrations. Glue each one in the centre of a construction paper flower. Display the flowers on the walls of your daycare. Cut out the cards that are on the second page too. With your group, identify the illustrations that represent “printemps”, rain and flowers for example. You may also use the rainbow, the sun illustrations, and even the thermometer. Each child must have at least one small card. Give children magnifying glasses they can use to find the flower with the corresponding illustration. When they find it, they must say “printemps”.


Celebrate the arrival of “printemps” by shouting this new word outdoors!



Patricia-Ann Morrison


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