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Learn how to say “flower” in French

Goal: Learn how to say “flower” in French.


**Recommended club documents:

Fiches d’activité-Les plantes

Papier à lettres-Fleurs

Modèles de fleurs


**To use the documents mentioned above, you must have access to Club Educatout. Educatall Club members can join the French club at a low price.                        


Suggested activities:


Show children how to say “fleur”. You may click on the following link to discover the proper pronunciation of this new word:


When you go for a walk with your group, encourage children to say “fleur” every time they see pretty flowers.


Encourage children to pick a few “fleur” each. When you come back inside, press the flowers between the pages of a few heavy books and give them a few days to dry out. Once they are completely dry, print a copy of the “Papier à lettres-Fleurs” document for each child. Invite them to practice saying “fleur” as they glue a few flowers in the centre of the page.


If you prefer, you can ask children to draw a pretty “fleur” in the centre of the document. Either way, they will look forward to showing their artwork to their parents at the end of the day and will most likely share the new word they have been introduced to.


Ask children to paint the bottom of a large piece of blue poster board using green paint to represent grass. Print the “Modèles de fleurs” document and have children cut out the flowers. Let them glue them in the grass, saying “fleur” with each new addition.


Print and laminate a few additional copies of the “Modèles de fleurs” document. Cut out the flowers and stick them on the floor to create a path. Play music and encourage children to hop from one flower to the next, saying “fleur” every time they land on a flower.


Provide sidewalk chalk children can use to draw flowers in one area of your yard. Once the area is completely covered with flowers, hand children toy watering cans filled with water. Show them how they can pour water on their chalk flowers to make them disappear. Repeat this activity as often as you wish.


Using makeup pencils, draw a flower on each child’s cheek. When you are done, let children admire their reflection in a mirror. Point to the flower on each child’s cheek and encourage them to say “fleur” once more.


Print the “Fiches d’activités-Les plantes” document. Let children connect the dots to see a “fleur” appear. They can color it as they wish before displaying it on a bulletin board as a reminder of the latest addition to their French vocabulary.


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