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Different ways to explore an apple orchard

Do you usually plan a trip to the apple orchard during autumn? If you live near an apple orchard, you have probably picked apples with your group before. Children love this activity! Children of all ages are always proud to pick their own apples…and eat them too! If you’ve never been to an apple orchard with your group, I highly recommend it. I am sure that your first visit won’t be your last!


Today, I would like to suggest a few interesting ideas to make your trip to the apple orchard extra special. Of course, picking apples will always be part of an apple orchard visit, but you could add a few elements to change things up a little. After all, planning a field trip requires time and energy, so you might as well make the most of it!


Prepare a picnic

I love going on picnics with little ones and an apple orchard makes for the perfect picnic setting. All you have to do is prepare a simple lunch of sandwiches and veggies. Of course, children will eat apples for dessert. Just set a blanket on the ground and everyone will be content. Try it! Children will ask you for an apple orchard picnic again next year.


Arts & crafts at the apple orchard

Fill a special suitcase or backpack with construction paper, glue, and paint. With your group, collect fallen apples and leaves as you walk through the orchard. Encourage children to glue the leaves on a piece of construction paper. Cut the apples you collected in half and invite children to press them in poster paint before stamping them on their paper. Would you like to send each child home with a souvenir of your trip to the apple orchard? Photograph your group, print a picture for each child and help them glue it on their paper to complete their project.


Treasure hunt

For this activity you will need a partner in crime, someone who can hide pictures related to the theme or plastic apples throughout the apple orchard before you get there. Search for the pictures or plastic fruit with your group. Children will love this unique treasure hunt!


Apple taste test

There are green apples, red apples, yellow apples, sweet apples, bitter apples, etc. Pick many different types of apples with your group and use the apples for a special taste test. You will need a few paper plates and a knife you can use to slice the apples. Encourage children to taste each type of apple and discuss the differences in taste, color, etc. Children may discover new types of apples!


Apple orchard map

If you have time to prepare this activity (or if you know the apple orchard owners), take a few minutes to photograph a few elements that can be seen at the orchard prior to your visit. Print the pictures and distribute them among the children in your group. The object of the game is to find the photographed items as you explore the orchard. This activity fosters cognitive development.

I hope you have a wonderful time at the apple orchard!


Maude Dubé, Specialized educator



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