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Music and yoga

Music can represent an interesting addition to your yoga sessions. I regularly use music during yoga. I find it helps children focus. Very often, music sets the tone for our yoga sessions. I researched the benefits of using music during yoga, hoping to shed some light on whether music really is useful or if it is best to practice yoga in silence.


To begin, I believe that music plays an important role when we first begin teaching yoga to young children. Beyond creating an atmosphere, it can help express the intention of a yoga session. Fast-paced music will feed children’s energy level whereas calm music will help children relax. What’s more, many children can be uncomfortable during a yoga session. They may not be used to closing their eyes and relaxing. Often, giggles can be heard, and children can be seen opening their eyes to see if others are peeking. Playing music can help children feel more comfortable and erase the uneasiness that silence seems to amplify. With music, we can also work on children’s ability to concentrate. During a relaxation period or meditation exercise, encourage children to listen to the sounds that are present in nature, gentle tapping on a drum, or strumming of a guitar.


Once children are more experienced, you can invite them to try and coordinate their movements with the rhythm of the music. For example, they can stretch out their arms fast or slow, according to the speed of the music. This can represent a wonderful concentration and rhythm exercise.


Frequently, the preparation phase is done in silence. I invite children to close their eyes, breathe, and listen to their body as it slows down. I then play music during the active phase. I pay special attention to my music selection so that it is suited to the intention of our yoga session: expend energy, increase focus, foster calm, etc. During the third phase, the relaxation phase, I continue to play music. I have one music that I use every time. The children in my group are familiar with it and hearing it seems to reduce the uncomfortable feeling some experience during this final phase of our yoga sessions.


I think that the decision to use music during yoga sessions or not is personal. Experiment to see your group’s preference. If you do opt for playing music during your sessions, be sure to practice in silence every now and then, once yoga is part of your children’s daily routine.




Maude Dubé, specialized educator


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