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Paper Snow Globes

Paper snow globes are fun and simple to make. What’s more, they leave lots of room for originality. We chose a simple spruce tree shape, but the possibilities are endless. For example, snowmen would be cute.



  • Colored Paper
  • Pencil
  • Scissors
  • Glue or glue stick
  • Small white pompoms


Paper Snow Globes-1


Step One

Draw the shapes you will need to complete your snow globes. Draw a large circle on light blue paper for each child. Draw the base of the snow globe on whatever color paper children wish to use. Finally, draw something to put inside the snow globe (spruce trees, snowmen, etc.).


Paper Snow Globes-2


Step Two

Cut out the paper shapes. Older children can do this step themselves. Younger children will need some help.


Paper Snow Globes-3


Step Three

Once the paper shapes are cut out, glue a base on each round snow globe.


Paper Snow Globes-4


Step Four

Next, have children glue the paper shapes and the white pompoms on their snow globe.


Paper Snow Globes-5


That’s it! A simple paper craft that’s easy and fun to create!






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