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Bouquet of Hearts

1-creative project-valentine


Who doesn't love flowers? These are custom-made by your very favourite little artists just for you! Valentine's Day is a great time to reinforce learning about heart shapes too!



1. Gather your materials. You will need some card stock or stiff paper, markers or crayons, pipe cleaners, and scissors.

2. Start by drawing a heart on the card stock, cut it out and use it as the template to draw more on the other card stock. You can simply draw the hearts individually too. If children are old enough have them draw the hearts!


2-creative project-valentine


3-creative project-valentine


4-creative project-valentine


3. Have children color the hearts. We chose other red and pink colors for drawing but any color marker or crayon will work!


5-creative project-valentine


Make 3 small holes with sharp scissors or a very small hole punch in the heart.


6-creative project-valentine


Thread the pipe cleaner through. This is great for fine motor development, but really little hands will need help. The pipe cleaner should have some extra after being threaded through and you will bend that to secure it.


7-creative project-valentine


Repeat steps 4 and 5 for each heart.

7. Older children can write messages in black pen on the heart or you can have children dictate a Valentines message for the recipient.

8. Children tie a pretty bow around their stems and give it to someone they love!


1-creative project-valentine




Allison McDonald

has been teaching young children in various capacities since 1993. She started as a day camp leader in high school, taught various preschool programs at community centers through university, worked as a tutor while pursuing a second degree in elementary education, and most recently worked as a director and preschool teacher before becoming a full time mom. Now that she is at home she keeps one foot in education while sharing that side of her life with her son and the results have been amazing.




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