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Original ways to explore « Scratch Art »

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Here is everything you will need for your “Scratch Art” exploration.

  • A rainbow “Scratch Art” kit
  • Wooden dowels
  • White glue
  • A cardboard cylinder

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To begin, you must completely cover your cardboard cylinder with “Scratch Art” cards. Use white glue to press them all over your cylinder and set your cylinder aside until the glue is dry.


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Once the glue is dry, let the fun begin!


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Here is one way you can use your “Scratch Art” cylinder. Invite children to sit in a circle on the floor. Give each child a wooden dowel. Encourage them to roll the cylinder horizontally to each other on the floor. Every time a child receives the cylinder, he may use one end of his dowel to draw a tiny dot on the cylinder. Children will see a color appear. Ask them to name it. Keep going until your cylinder is completely covered with colorful dots.


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Another option would be to invite children to take turns drawing a shape on your cylinder. The child who rolls the cylinder to one of his peers can name a shape. The child who receives the cylinder must draw the corresponding shape. This is a great way to encourage children to practise drawing basic shapes (triangle, circle, square), or more complex shapes (star, heart, diamond, etc.). Once again, be sure to name the colors that appear as children draw the shapes.


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For a fun finale, set your cylinder flat on the floor and hand a child two wooden dowels. Demonstrate how the dowels can be used to roll the cylinder from side to side. Each tap will cause a tiny stroke of color to appear. Invite each child to roll the cylinder back and forth 10, 15, or 20 times before handing the dowels to the next child. Those who are waiting for their turn can count the taps to practise their counting skills.   


The result will be quite pretty. Children can keep going as long as they want or pause and return to the activity later. As long as there are still black sections left on your cylinder, it can be used for these activities!


Of course, you can create several cylinders or even turn this into an arts & crafts project. Children will love making their very own “Scratch Art” cylinder.


Have fun!


Patricia-Ann Morrison



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