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Let’s pretend that we are bats

Picture game-Bats-1Let’s play with these Halloween-related creatures to encourage children to be active in unique ways. Print the following document (Open picture game-Bats). Laminate and cut out the illustrations. Before playing, present each picture to your group. Together, find different ways you can act out the various bat poses and actions.


Here are suggestions for each picture.


Picture 1

Children stand tall, with their arms stretched out to each side as if they were immobile in the air. Encourage them to maintain this position for a few seconds to reinforce the muscles in their back and shoulders. Who will be able to hold the position the longest?


Picture 2

Here, children stretch their arms out on either side and pretend to fly around the daycare or yard.


Picture 3Picture game-Bats-2

Since it looks like the bat illustrated here is bouncing up and down, invite children to jump in place. Have fun counting their hops. Challenge them! Can they perform 5, 10, or even 15 jumps?


Picture 4

Here, why not invite children to find a pumpkin to hold as in the picture. Searching for a pumpkin will lead children to move about the room. In the weeks leading up to Halloween, you most likely have several real or plastic pumpkins throughout your daycare. If not, you may use pumpkin illustrations. Children will love discovering pumpkins through this exercise!


Picture 5

Encourage children to rest for a moment. Like the bat in the picture, invite them to lie down on the floor and cross their arms, holding their right shoulder with their left hand and their left shoulder with their right arm. Maintain this position for a few minutes to give children time to catch their breath.


Picture 6

Like the bat in the picture, show children how to perform jumping jacks. Count their jumps and have fun asking them to perform a specific number of jumping jacks.


Picture 7

In a standing position, invite children to cross their right arm in front of their body, setting their right hand on their left hip. In the same way, have them cross their left arm in front of their body and set their left hand on their right hip. Once they are all wrapped up in their “bat wings”, ask them to walk around. Beware! Younger children may struggle to keep their balance!


Picture 8

Have children lie on their back on the floor and raise their legs, pressing them together like in the picture. Insist that they set their hands on their chest too. This is great for building core strength.


Picture 9

When you show your group this picture, children remain on their back on the floor, with their legs raised. However, they must open their legs and arms and try to maintain this position. This is much more challenging than you may think!


Picture 10

Ask children to hold their arms out on either side of their body and move them up and down, as if they were flapping their “bat wings”.


Happy Halloween!


Patricia-Ann Morrison


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