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Necklaces That Help Children Breathe

If you practice yoga with your group or on your own, you know that breathing is an important ally for different poses. Breathing helps the body slow down and truly enjoy all the benefits associated with yoga while making it possible to be fully aware of the present moment. Breathing is an act of survival; we all need to breathe to stay alive, but beyond that, we can all learn to be mindful. Various methods can be used to improve breathing with children: games, exercises, visualization… Today, I suggest making necklaces with colorful beads. These necklaces will help children take deep breaths in, and mindfully breathe out. Making these necklaces represents a very simple craft that requires just a few minutes and very little material.

You will need:

  • Colorful beads
  • Plastic thread
  • One necklace tie per child (optional)

How to make the necklaces:

  • Invite each child to select two (2) colors of beads. Cut a piece of plastic thread for each child, long enough to fit around their neck.
  • Tie a knot at one end of each child’s plastic thread and encourage children to thread beads on it, alternating colors.
  • Once their plastic thread is full of beads, knot both ends together.

How to use the necklaces:

Invite children to hold their necklace in their hands. Have them pinch the first bead between their index finger and thumb (pincer grasp), breathe in deeply, and then breathe out. Encourage them to continue doing so for each bead that is part of their necklace.


The necklaces can be used at any time during the day, per children’s needs. Among other things, they can:

  • be used during the preparatory (first) stage of a yoga session, since breathing represents a major asset to prepare children to perform more complicated poses.
  • come in handy when you feel children are overly excited to help your group calm down.
  • help children prepare for a visualization and calm their body and spirit when they are used for a series of deep breaths.

I recommend you make a necklace for yourself too. You can use it to act as an example for the children in your group. In yoga, keep in mind that you are a guide for children. They learn by watching you.

Maude Dubé, Specialized educator


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