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Shape Sorting



This was a little tricky for my little guy but if I had used all the same color for the shapes he wouldn't have needed as much help, I think he was a little confused over which to match. Even if children don't quite get it, as long as they aren't frustrated they will benefit from playing with the shapes.

1. Gather your materials. You will need 1 large piece of paper or wrapping paper (using the reverse side), 3 pieces of construction paper in 3 colors, scissors, glue, and a marker. You can also use crayons, paint, or markers to decorate the shapes.




2. Cut out 3 large shapes. You can do more for older children and less for children who are just learning their shapes.



3. Cut out a bunch of small shapes which match your larger ones. Here is where I messed up. I should have used the same color paper for each shape. With older children, feel free to make it more difficult and even have them cut out their own shapes.


4. Glue your large shapes onto the big piece of paper.



5. Start by giving children just a few shapes to see if they know where to put them. You may have to help and that's fine, this activity needs a lot of adult involvement (so no dishes or making dinner while you do this one!). Once they figure it out, hand them the glue.



6. Keep going! It took my little man a few times but he started getting it after a few minutes.



Hang it up and try to find shapes around your house that match too!





Allison McDonald

has been teaching young children in various capacities since 1993. She started as a day camp leader in high school, taught various preschool programs at community centers through university, worked as a tutor while pursuing a second degree in elementary education, and most recently worked as a director and preschool teacher before becoming a full time mom. Now that she is at home she keeps one foot in education while sharing that side of her life with her son and the results have been amazing. 



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