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Fairy Dust

Here is a fun, simple recipe which can be done with children aged 2 years or older...


You will need:

  • A small bottle of neutral glycerine (can be purchased at your local pharmacy, Wal-Mart).

  • Very fine glitter (available in the craft section at Wal-Mart).

  • One small transparent plastic bottle per child (a pill bottle for example)

  • A small colourful star or other shape: snowflake, flower, etc. This will be added to the recipe. Be sure to have one for each child.

  • A fairy sticker, if possible, to identify each bottle.

  • A popsicle stick for each child.

First step:


After reading or telling a fairy story, announce that you are going to make your own magic fairy dust.


Before you begin, you must recite the magic words. If, by any chance,
you made magic wands or special hats, use them for this activity.


Magic words


Fairy dust, fairy dust (rub hands together)
Sparkle on me, sparkle on me (move fingers up and down body)
You're so pretty, you're so pretty
Fairy dust, fairy dust (clap your hands)


To begin:


Identify each bottle. Next, add a small star or other shape followed by a small amount of glycerine to each bottle. An adult adds glitter to the bottles. Shake, shake, shake while reciting the magic words.


This fairy dust can be applied to arms, hair, and crafts, etc. Avoid getting it in children's eyes unless you purchased your glitter in a pharmacy and it is intended for use on faces...


Happy fairy dust making!



Sonia Leclerc



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