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Recycled Mailbox

Recycled Mailbox-5


This was a spur of the moment activity. My son kept pretending to put a card into a kitchen cabinet saying, "Into the mailbox." I jumped on this, and I'm so glad I did. I often say that following your child's interests is the key and if I had a video stream of my house today I could prove my point even better. My son played with this from the time we made it until bedtime. He even kissed it goodnight at nap and bedtime. If you have half as much fun as he did with it, I'll be happy.

1. Gather your materials. You will need a rectangular box, some Kraft paper, markers, tape, scissors, envelopes, stickers, and a piece of white paper.


Recycled Mailbox-9

2. Start by cutting off one end of the box.


Recycled Mailbox-4

Cut a slot. Make it wider than I did if you don't want to be saying, "Try it the other way, turn it around," 300 times between frustrated 2 year old almost tantrums.


Recycled Mailbox-3

4. Wrap the box like a present using the Kraft paper.


Recycled Mailbox-2

5. Cut the paper where the slot is and tape it on the inside.


Recycled Mailbox-8

Time to color. Let children go nuts. I just let my son go for it.


Recycled Mailbox-7

Make a sign (if children are old enough, have them do it!)


Recycled Mailbox-1

8. Tape it on.


Recycled Mailbox-6

Time to make mail-I used blank envelopes. Have children add addresses. If they can write letters, this is great practice. No matter which stage they are at, have them "write" the addresses. If they just scribble that's cool, if it's a full address it's great.

10. Add a "stamp". We used stickers.

Play! My son filled the mail box then declared, "Delivery time!" He knocked it over, took the mail and delivered it around the house. He then repeated this many, many times.


Recycled Mailbox-5



Allison McDonald

has been teaching young children in various capacities since 1993. She started as a day camp leader in high school, taught various preschool programs at community centers through university, worked as a tutor while pursuing a second degree in elementary education, and most recently worked as a director and preschool teacher before becoming a full time mom. Now that she is at home she keeps one foot in education while sharing that side of her life with her son and the results have been amazing.


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