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Race Fan Magazine Holder

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Most dads I know are race fans. Nascar, Formula 1, motocross... if it ends with a checkered flag, chances are they enjoy it! Since checkered flags are perfect for practicing patterns, we thought of a useful Father's Day gift for our favourite racing fan.

1. Gather your materials. You will need white fun foam, black poster paint, a paintbrush, a cereal box, white glue (or hot glue), scissors, red cardboard (we used an old duo-tang), a pen, a ruler, and scrapbooking dimension squares.


Race Fan Magazine Holder-2


2. Cut the cereal box to give it the shape of a magazine holder.


Race Fan Magazine Holder-3


3. Cover the cereal box with a thick coat of black poster paint.


Race Fan Magazine Holder-4


4. Measure 1 ½ inch squares. You will need approximately 30 squares, depending on the size of your cereal box.


Race Fan Magazine Holder-5


5. Cut out the squares. Encourage older children to count 30 squares. Younger children can make three piles containing 10 squares each.


Race Fan Magazine Holder-6


6. Show children how to create a checkered flag pattern. Glue the squares in place, starting at the bottom.


Race Fan Magazine Holder-7


7. When you reach the top, help children cut the edges of the last squares. Repeat on the opposite side.


Race Fan Magazine Holder-8


8. Cut number "1" shapes out of the red cardboard. Use the dimension squares to glue them on either end of the magazine holder and you're done!


Race Fan Magazine Holder-9



Patricia-Ann Morisson

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