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Making the most of poster

(both economically and collectively)


I am sure you have looked at the posters which are sold in stores like Zellers.


They are beautiful and are perfect for decorating your daycare. They cost under $6.00. Every now and then, you purchase one or two.


Here is a suggestion for making the most of the posters you purchase.


First, find a few caregivers who are interested in the project. The more caregivers you convince to participate, the more you will be able to rotate posters often.


Each caregiver purchases one poster. Be sure to purchase different ones.


Display your new poster for a given period of time, two weeks for example.


After two weeks, rotate/exchange posters among yourselves. Continue this process until the poster you purchased comes back to you. Doing so will allow you to display several different posters throughout the year for under $6.00!


A few tips:

  • Laminate the sides only to protect your poster. (Be careful, this is not an easy task!)
  • Hang posters on the wall above your changing table. Babies will love admiring it!
  • Why not meet at the playground when it is time to exchange posters?
  • Collect empty wrapping paper rolls or purchase a tube at your local hardware store to keep your posters in.


Chantal Milette


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