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Teaching police badge

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We all know the importance of teaching little ones how to dial 911. Letting them add these three very important numbers on their own police badge is one way of helping them remember the numbers. After all, children learn best when they are having fun... and what could be more fun than pretending to be police officers?

1. Gather your materials. You will need foam sheets (we found beautiful glitter ones), hot glue, adhesive numbers, scissors, a pencil, a ruler (depending on which shape you choose), and safety pins.


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2. Turn the foam sheet over and draw the outline of a police badge with the pencil. If you prefer, you can make an oval or rectangle-shaped badge. Cut it out.


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3. Have children pick one number "9" and two number "1's" out of the adhesive numbers and stick them on their badge. Of course, this step is great for number recognition. If they have problems identifying the numbers at first, pretend to dial "911" on a telephone to show them the numbers.


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4. Apply hot glue to the back of the badge (this step must be done by an adult) and push the safety pin in the glue for a few seconds until it sets.


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5. Children will proudly wear their badge!


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Patricia-Ann Morisson

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