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Dandelions, fields of gold

They sometimes haunt gardeners, but for children, dandelions are considered to be beautiful flowers. Have you ever had the chance to see a field full of flowering dandelions? What a magnificent scene! They look like little pieces of sunshine swaying in the wind or a field of gold!


Dandelions can be found throughout the world. They are a perennial plant that flowers during springtime. Animals appreciate it, especially groundhogs, bees, and seed-eating birds. If a winter is long and cold and followed by a cloudy spring, the flowers will be slow to flower. If spring comes early, and is sunny, warm, and somewhat rainy, dandelions will flower early.


In spite of what you may think, dandelions are very useful. Because they are non-toxic, we can cook dandelions. Young leaves are often used in salads too. Dandelion flower buds can replace asparagus while dandelion roots can replace coffee. Dandelion flowers can even be used to make wine. Finally, dandelions have medicinal properties.


Ideas to explore dandelions with children:

  • A treasure hunt. Draw a treasure map and indicate the location of the treasure (several dandelion plants) that children are to discover. Once they have found the dandelion plants, discuss the many characteristics of dandelions: shape, parts, uses, etc.
  • Lie down in a bed of dandelions and roll around in them.
  • Encourage children to tickle their friends with dandelion flowers.
  • Make dandelion bouquets.
  • Blow on dandelion seeds. Try to catch the pollen.
  • Create a dandelion path.
  • Draw dandelions on paper.
  • Rub dandelion flowers on a white surface.
  • Use dandelions to color a picture.
  • Dip dandelions in paint and make prints on paper.
  • Mosaicultures: arrange dandelions on the ground to represent animal shapes, people, or objects.
  • Make dandelion bracelets. You will need a tall dandelion and a big dandelion. Insert the stem of the bigger dandelion in the taller dandelion and tie a knot.
  • Wear dandelions in your hair.
  • Make personalized bookmarks. Simply glue a dandelion on a piece of construction paper. Decorate and then laminate.
  • Photograph children when they are playing in the dandelions.

If I haven't succeeded in convincing you to embrace the presence of dandelions, here are a few ways you can control them. Aerate the soil, add compost, correct the pH level, add calcium, avoid cutting the grass too short, maintain a thick lawn (over-seeding), manually pull dandelions and be sure to remove the roots, and water with scalding water. Honestly, I must admit that even I prefer seeing this beautiful flower grow on my neighbour's lawn than on my own.


Claudine Richard
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