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Playing outside during autumn

During summer months, getting outdoors is quick and easy. However, when the weather outside gets cooler, getting outside with little ones can sometimes feel as if you are preparing for a great adventure every time. Some children get dressed very quickly and begin to complain that they are too hot. They ask you over and over again when you will let them outside to play. Sometimes, they even get so tired of waiting for others that they begin undressing.


For others, the process of getting dressed and out the door seems to take forever. Some will even hide to avoid getting dressed to go outside, others need your help from head to toe, etc. After fifteen minutes, you probably have sweat running down your back and your head is most likely spinning.


Here are a few tricks that can make this part of the day easier. Knowing the children in your group will help you pick and choose the methods that have the greatest chances of success to make getting ready for outdoor play enjoyable for all.

  • Open windows. When children start getting dressed, open windows. This will let fresh air in and, at the same time, keep the room cool for those who put their coat on quickly.
  • A book bin. Fill a bin with books and deposit it in your cloakroom. When children are ready, encourage them to sit in a particular area and calmly look at a picture book. Of course, change the contents of the bin regularly to keep children interested.
  • Hunt and seek. Print and laminate several hunt and seek activities (see educatall club) or use pages from old hunt and seek books found at garage sales. Display them on a wall and place the little cards illustrating the items that must be found in a small box.
  • Clothing race. Deposit older children's clothing items in a pile, in the centre of your cloakroom. When you say "go", children must search for their clothing items and put them on while you help younger children get dressed.
  • Getting dressed sequence. In your cloakroom, display pictures that will show children the order in which they must put their clothing items on and have children follow the pictures to the sound of music or according to specific instructions (put one clothing item on very quickly, then another clothing item on very slowly, and so on...).
  • Step by step. Have children get dressed one item at a time. For example, once everyone has their raincoat on, everyone puts their hat on, etc.
  • Upside down trick. This trick is so simple that even very young children can use it to put their coat on. Place each child's coat on the floor in front of them, with the collar close to his/her feet. Encourage them to slide their arms in the sleeves before flipping their coat over their head. Like magic, children will have their coat on in no time!
  • Naptime containers. Why not use your naptime containers (or transition bins) in your cloakroom? Once children are dressed, let them sit at a table and play with the contents of a naptime bin while they wait for everyone to be ready to go outside.
  • Little competitions. Organize simple competitions to encourage children to get dressed as quickly as possible.
  • Mural. Hang a large banner on your cloakroom wall and let children draw on it with waxed crayons when they are ready.

No matter which method you choose, stay calm and have fun. Getting everyone out the door can be somewhat chaotic, but the benefits of fresh air are worth the trouble!


Enjoy autumn!


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