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Inexpensive costumes

Halloween is almost here and children are beginning to decide what they want to dress up as for this magical evening.


If, like me, you find the costumes offered in stores too expensive for just one evening, you may find this article highly interesting.


Here are a few costumes you can easily make on your own or with your child using items you most likely already have at home. If not, almost all the material can be purchased at your local dollar store.


Cut the shape of a pirate's eye patch out of black construction paper. If you are an educatall club member, you can use the club's printable model. Use a hole-punch to make two holes through which you can thread a string or elastic to hold it in place. Have your child wear a scarf on his/her head to represent a pirate's bandana. If you don't already have one, you can purchase a sword at the dollar store or make your own out of cardboard. Once again, you can find a model in the educatall club. Use a black pencil or marker to draw a beard on the child's face. A large white t-shirt worn on top of black pants and a large black belt will do the trick. If you wish, cut one of the pant legs at knee-level.


Simply wrap your child with toilet paper, leaving his/her eyes, nose, and mouth uncovered.


Drape an old white bed sheet over your child's head. Cut holes for the eyes, nose, and mouth.


You will need a large cardboard box. Cut a hole out of the top for your child's head and one hole on each side of the box for his/her arms. Wrap the box with aluminum paper or paint it with gray metallic paint. Purchase a plastic headpiece at the dollar store and wrap it with aluminum paper. Glue aluminum pie plates on either side of the box and use gray makeup to paint your child's face.


Have your child wear pyjamas or a nightgown. Make pony tails (for a girl) and tie a pacifier around his/her neck. Use makeup pencils to draw freckles on your child's cheeks. Have him/her carry a stuffed animal or blanket.


Have your child wear her prettiest lace dress. Purchase or make a diadem she can wear on her head along with shiny rings and a fancy necklace. Draw stars on her cheeks.


Have your child wear her prettiest dress. Purchase a magic wand at the dollar store. Make your own fairy hat by rolling a piece of cardboard to form a cone. Attach a piece of pretty fabric to the tip of the hat. Apply glitter to her cheeks.


Have your child wear a pretty dress and fancy shoes. Use blush to make her cheeks extra pink. Apply red lipstick and a lot of eye makeup. Curl her hair and have her walk around saying "Mama, mama".


Have your child wear a black garbage bag in which you cut a hole for his/her head. The bag must also be open on the sides to resemble a gown. Use construction paper to make a cap and attach a curtain ornament to represent the tassel.

I hope these simple and inexpensive ideas have inspired you to make your own Halloween costumes this year!



Nancy Hamelin


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