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Autumn memories

Every October, I become a child all over again.


I don't know what it is, but whenever I look at the autumn scenery, my mind is flooded with childhood memories. I remember all the fun I had walking home from school with my friends, kicking fallen leaves with my feet. I remember how I loved feeling the wind in my hair and listening to the "crunching" sounds of the leaves.


I am happy to say that my group shares my love for autumn. Like me, they enjoy walking in the dried leaves and take great pleasure in stomping in water puddles.


Have you noticed the delicious scents that accompany autumn? Let's not forget the warm soups and stews that we happily prepare and serve at this time of the year too...


Smoke starts escaping from chimneys and the cold air is filled with the smell of wood fires that remind me of warm evenings snuggled against my grandmother. The other day, a child asked me what that smell was. I explained that people were starting to build wood fires to keep their homes warm. As a group, we breathed in this unique smell and appreciated the moment. I hope that this olfactory memory will come back to them when they are older.


I suggest going for long walks with your group during autumn months, even if the sky is gray or the ground is wet...even if it is drizzling outside. Walk slowly and appreciate all the autumn smells, the sounds of the leaves under your feet, and the touch of the wind on your face. Admire the beautiful luminosity the autumn sun creates.


If you are lucky enough to have a small forest nearby, explore it with your group. Admire the colors of the leaves and watch the squirrels that are hard at work preparing for winter.


Don't forget to have a camera handy at all times so you can photograph the children in your group and immortalize their appreciation of autumn. The pictures will represent wonderful autumn memories for your group.

Claudine Richard
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