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Sponge Xmas Tree

Sponge Xmas Tree-1


An inexpensive gift little hands can make.

1. Gather your material. You will need a green sponge, a marker, Christmas-coloured jelly beans, scissors, red ribbon, and glue.


Sponge Xmas Tree-2

2. Draw a triangle on the sponge as shown.


Sponge Xmas Tree-3

3. Cut the triangle and keep all the pieces.


Sponge Xmas Tree-4

Glue the red ribbon on either side of the tip of the tree.


Sponge Xmas Tree-5

Glue the remaining pieces on either side of the triangle to hide the ends of the ribbon and create a three-dimensional Christmas tree.


Sponge Xmas Tree-6

Glue jelly beans all over the Christmas tree to represent ornaments. Let dry.


Sponge Xmas Tree-7

Hang it in your real Christmas tree or elsewhere.


Sponge Xmas Tree-8


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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