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Flowers and decorations for your Christmas tree

Here are a few fun suggestions for your Christmas tree:

  • Garland: Cut several flowers out of green, red, and white construction paper. Assemble them with Christmas yarn. If you prefer, you may use felt instead of construction paper. You may also purchase bags of fabric flower petals at the dollar store. Ivy branches can be wrapped around your tree to give it a country style.

  • Stars: Glue several Popsicle sticks together to form stars. Use gold paint to cover the Popsicle sticks and give them a shiny look. Glue tiny flower-shaped stickers or miniature fabric flowers on the stars. You may also cut star shapes out of heavy cardboard and glue pinecones, pine needles, or other items on them to decorate.

  • Ornaments: Dip Styrofoam balls in paint and insert pipe cleaners to create flowers. You may also use salt dough to make flower shapes. Several scented dough recipes exist. Use them to make scented floral decorations for your tree. Print flower coloring pages and have children glue glitter on the flower shapes. Cut them out and glue them on round pieces of construction paper. Add ribbon and hang them in the tree.

  • Bells: Have children paint clay pots. Using ribbon, hang them upside down in your tree to represent bells.

  • Other suggestions: Paint pinecones and hang them in your tree. Set fruit slices out to dry. Add pretty ribbon and hang them in your tree.


Have fun!


Claudine Richard
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