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Mitten hanger

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Children will be proud to hang their mittens on their very own mitten hanger...

1. Gather your material. You will need white Fun Foam, silver glitter, ribbon, scissors, white and/or hot glue, a hanger, two old-fashion clothespins, and a printed snowflake model (see educatall club).



Mitten hanger-2


2. Cut out the snowflake model and trace it on the white Fun Foam. You will need two snowflakes.


Mitten hanger-3


3. Cut out the snowflakes. Apply a thin coat of white glue over the entire surface of each snowflake (I used a cotton swab to spread the glue). Sprinkle the snowflakes with glitter.


Mitten hanger-4


4. Using hot glue, glue the clothespins on the snowflakes as shown.


Mitten hanger-5


5. Glue the snowflakes on the corners of the hanger using hot glue.


Mitten hanger-6


6. Attach a piece of ribbon to the top of the hanger. The ribbon must be fairly long since the mittens must hang below the child's coat.


Mitten hanger-7


7. Show the child how to slide his/her mittens in the opening on the clothespins. They will be dry before you are ready for another outing!


Mitten hanger-8


Patricia-Ann Morisson


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