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My wishes for the New Year

I would like to wish you a Happy New Year. May health, happiness, and peace be present throughout the year!


The Holidays are behind us. We've recharged our batteries and are ready to start the year off right. I am sure that, like me, you are looking forward to many wonderful moments and discoveries with your group.


In January, many gardeners are taking advantage of winter to enjoy a cup of coffee while flipping through horticulture magazines to determine which new plants they will be planting this year. Others are busy caring for their indoor plants, making sure they are healthy and free of parasites. While watering my own plants this morning, I realized that there are no plants in my daycare. I stopped to wonder why. I love plants so much, why haven't I integrated them in our daycare environment? Of course, we perform a variety of horticultural experiments throughout the year, but I'm embarrassed to admit that there is no permanent green presence in our daycare.


For this reason, I have set a goal: I will add a touch of green to my daycare while carefully considering the safety of the children in my group. Many indoor plants exist. Even if your daycare does not receive a great deal of sunlight, several plants can thrive with only partial sunlight or even very little sunlight. Naturally, it is very important to verify the toxicity of plants. This information is available on several websites. Since my daycare is in my home and I welcome children of all ages, I must also make sure children will not be able to use the plants I purchase as a snack or sensory bin.


It seems we are constantly thinking about how we can make the many corners and areas of our daycare appealing for children, but we rarely think about making them greener. Why not create a corner filled with greenery...even if it is just one hanging plant at first? Plants will add life to your décor while improving the quality of the air in your daycare. These are unquestionable benefits. This year, I hope you will add a touch of your green to your daycare, I know I will.

Claudine Richard
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