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Peek-a-boo groundhog!

Peek a boo groundhog-1



Children will love to see their groundhog pop out of its burrow.


1. Gather your material. You will need beige Fun Foam, a piece of sandpaper, wiggly eyes, white glue and/or hot glue, a brown marker, a Q-tip, a pipe cleaner, scissors, and a brown pompom.



Peek a boo groundhog-2


2. Cut a shape resembling a burrow out of the beige Fun Foam.



Peek a boo groundhog-3


3. Cut a groundhog head and upper body out of the sandpaper (seen from the side).



Peek a boo groundhog-4


4. Cut an ear shape out of the beige Fun Foam and glue it on your groundhog. Stick the brown pompom to represent the tip of its nose and add one wiggly eye. Using the brown marker, draw several lines all over to represent its fur.



Peek a boo groundhog-5


5. Cut two small slits towards the bottom of the burrow and thread the pipe cleaner through the holes as shown.



Peek a boo groundhog-6


6. Turn your burrow over and stick the groundhog on the pipe cleaner, face down.



Peek a boo groundhog-7


7. Cut the tip of the Q-tip and glue it just below the pompom to represent a groundhog tooth.



Peek a boo groundhog-8


8. Show children how they can pull the pipe cleaner downwards to make it look as if the groundhog is inside its burrow and then pull on the groundhog to make it pop out of its burrow. Will their groundhog see its shadow?


Peek a boo groundhog-9


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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