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A bow for the ball

A bow for the ball-1


This bow can adorn a bowtie for boys or a headband for girls.

1. Gather your material. You will need a plastic headband, purple felt, a pink sponge, scissors, a small clothespin, white and/or hot glue, ribbon, and a red button.


A bow for the ball-2


2. Cut a bow shape out of the pink sponge. Help children notice how each side of the bow has a heart shape.


A bow for the ball-3


3. Cut two heart shapes out of the purple felt. They must be slightly bigger than the hearts at each end of the sponge/bow.


A bow for the ball-4


4. Glue the felt hearts under the bow as shown. Cut two pieces of ribbon and glue them in the centre of your bow. If you wish, cut a slit at the end of each ribbon.


A bow for the ball-5


5. Glue the button in the centre of your bow, on top of the ribbon pieces.


A bow for the ball-6


6. Turn your bow over and glue the small clothespin in the centre of your bow.


A bow for the ball-7


7. Boys will like to wear their bow as a bowtie for your Valentine's Day Ball. In afterthought, I think using a longer clothespin and gluing it closer to the bottom of the bow would result in the bowtie standing straighter.


A bow for the ball-8


8. Little girls can simply attach the clothespin to a plastic headband to create the perfect hair accessory for the Valentine's Day Ball.


A bow for the ball-9


Patricia-Ann Morisson


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