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Quality-filled hearts

I think that the key to getting along with others is to take the time to get to know them and find ways to connect with them. Take advantage of Valentine's Day to compliment those who surround you!


Here is a simple activity that can be done with co-workers, your family, or the children in your group.


Cut large heart shapes out of colourful paper or cardboard and glue them on a wall. Write the name of one early childhood educator, family member, or child on each heart.


Invite others to think about one or more qualities they have noticed for each person. Write the adjectives on the corresponding hearts. Make sure each person has at least a few qualities on his/her heart. Encourage participants to spend time with people they may not know very well to give them the chance to identify their qualities.


If this activity is done with children who are 3-4 years old, you may begin by making a list of qualities they can choose from. Complete this list with their help by asking them what they like about their mother, their father, their brother, their sister, etc. Listen carefully to what they say and name the various qualities they describe.


If this activity is done with babies and toddlers, naturally, you will have to complete the hearts for the children in your group. Parents will greatly appreciate your positive perception of their child.


Chantal Millette
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