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Friendship bracelet-Toddler version

Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-1


Children will love to wear these simple bracelets.

1. Gather your material. You will need white cardboard, embroidery floss, scissors, a hole-punch, a plastic lid, poster paint (a few colors), and adhesive reinforcements for hole-punched paper.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-2


2. Cut a small strip of white cardboard (10 to 12 cm).


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-3


3. Pour a small quantity of each color of poster paint in the plastic lid. Use the remaining piece of white cardboard to protect the table by sliding it under your strip of cardboard.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-4


4. Have children take turns pressing their finger in one color and then on the strip of cardboard.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-5


5. Continue, alternating colors, until the bracelet is full and each child's fingerprint appears at least once on the friendship bracelet. The idea is to mimic the pattern usually created with embroidery floss.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-6


6. Using the hole-punch, make a hole at both ends of the friendship bracelet.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-7


7. Stick a small adhesive reinforcement around each hole.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-8


8. Cut six short pieces of embroidery floss.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-9


9. Knot three pieces of embroidery floss at each end of the friendship bracelet as shown.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-10


10. Tie the friendship bracelet around a child's wrist. Repeat until each child has his/her own bracelet made with the fingerprints of his/her friends.


Friendship bracelet-Toddler version-11



Patricia-Ann Morisson

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