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Maple treats

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Maple pie, maple donuts, taffy on snow, and pancakes...

1. Gather your material. You will need beige, red, and white construction paper, sandpaper, white glue and/or hot glue, scissors, paperclips, magnetic tape, a small aluminum pie plate, corn syrup, brown pompoms, a wooden coffee stick, cotton balls, brown Fun Foam, and small double-sided adhesive squares (used for scrapbooking).


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2. Cut several squares out of the red construction paper.


Maple treats-3


3. Glue the red squares on the white construction paper to represent a checkered tablecloth.


Maple treats-4


4. Cut a circle out of the brown Fun Foam and remove the centre to make it look like a donut. Pour a small quantity of corn syrup on the donut and use the wooden coffee stick to spread it. The corn syrup will look like maple syrup.


Maple treats-5


5. Cut a strip of sandpaper and wrap it around the tip of the wooden coffee stick that was used in the previous step. Add a drop of corn syrup if you wish. Once dry, the corn syrup will have an interesting texture.


Maple treats-6


6. Cut two circles out of the beige construction paper.


Maple treats-7


7. Press a few adhesive squares on one circle and deposit the other circle on top. This will make the pancake look much thicker!


Maple treats-8


8. Glue the brown pompoms on the pancake to represent maple syrup.


Maple treats-9


9. Glue cotton balls in the bottom of the aluminum pie plate. Cut a circle out of the sandpaper and glue it on the cotton balls. The sandpaper will represent the pie filling for your maple pie.


Maple treats-10


10. Glue a paperclip under the pancake, donut, taffy-covered stick, and aluminum pie plate. Glue four pieces of magnetic tape on your checkered tablecloth.


Maple treats-11


11. Children will have fun arranging and rearranging their maple treats on the tablecloth over and over again. Enjoy!


Maple treats-12


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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