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Spring has finally sprung

Each day, I take advantage of the warmer weather by going for walks with my group. We enjoy listening to the birds chirping away. Since it's breeding season, listen closely; their singing will charm you!


Activities that can be done with little ones:

It is not too early to prepare for summer. I suggest creating a gardening bin with the help of the children in your group. Use whatever you have handy. A large dishpan can do the trick! Decorate it with pretty felt flowers and you'll be ready to go. Provide several books about gardening and encourage children to look at the pictures to discover which tools and accessories are required for gardening (small shovels, spades, gloves, a hat, etc.). Discuss what the items are used for as you add them to your bin. You can find gardening tools and accessories designed for little hands at your local dollar store.


You may also choose to let children personalize the gardening tools and accessories you find. For example, you may have them paint a watering can or a gardening tool that has a wooden handle. Let them choose the colors and designs they like best. This will make it easier for children to recognize their tools when you present gardening activities.


Fun facts to share with your group:

  • Daffodils are associated to the month of March.
  • Montreal's botanical gardens hold a Butterflies Go Free exhibition every year in their large greenhouse.
  • At this time of the year, florists offer a wide variety of Easter bouquets and flowering plants.

Treat yourself! My favorite flower is the Easter lily.


Claudine Richard
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