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My very own globe

My very own globe-1


Children will love finding where they live on this simple globe.

1. Gather your material. You will need sand paper, a clothes peg, a paper plate, white glue and/or hot glue, scissors, a map of your region, a heavy cardboard tube, and star-shaped stickers.


My very own globe-2


2. Cut out a section of the map, giving it a round shape (the same size as the paper plate). We must see the area you live in on the map.


My very own globe-3


3. Glue the map on the bottom of the paper plate to represent a globe.


My very own globe-4


4. Turn the paper plate over and glue the clothes peg at the top of the plate. Glue the cardboard tube at the base of your globe.

My very own globe-5


5. Cut a « C » shape out of the sand paper.

My very own globe-6


6. Glue the sand paper support behind the clothes peg and behind the cardboard tube.


My very own globe-7


7. Help children identify the town they live in on the map and have them stick a star-shaped sticker on the correct spot.


My very own globe-8


Patricia-Ann Morisson



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