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Family car

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Children will love drawing their family members in the rear window...

1. Gather your material. You will need black and blue construction paper (or other colors if you prefer), red and white Fun Foam, a blue marker, a white wooden pencil crayon, scissors, and white glue.


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2. Cut a shape that looks like the rear of a car out of the blue construction paper.


Family car-3  


3. Cut a shape that looks like a car's rear window out of the black construction paper.


Family car-4


4. Use the white wooden pencil crayon to draw an oval to represent the head of each of the child's family members. Don't forget to draw family pets too!


Family car-5


5. Have the child draw eyes, ears, a mouth, and hair for each person or pet.


Family car-6


6. Glue the rear window on the car. Cut two rectangles out of the red foam and stick them on either side to represent lights. Finally, cut a rectangle out of the white foam to represent a license plate. Help the child write his last name on the license plate using the blue marker. Display the cars on a wall as an original way of representing children's families.


Family car-7


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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