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My little barn


My little barn-1



Simply add animal figurines for hours of play.


1. Gather your material. You will need a small piece of wood, a paintbrush, black construction paper, several Popsicle sticks, a black marker (not shown), green and white poster paint, scissors, hot glue and/or white glue, a few corks (not shown), and a small milk or cream carton.


My little barn-2


2. Paint the piece of wood with the green poster paint.



My little barn-3


3. Break the Popsicle sticks so they are the same size as the sides of the milk carton and stick them on all four sides as shown in the picture.


My little barn-4


4. Cut the black construction paper so it is the same size as the width of the milk carton. Fold and glue the construction paper rectangle on each side of the milk carton to represent the roof of your barn. Use the black marker to color the extremities of the milk carton showing under the roof.



My little barn-5


5. Use the white paint and the paintbrush to paint a barn door.


My little barn-6


6. Glue the barn on the painted piece of wood. Cut the corks in two and glue the cork pieces around the contour of the piece of wood.



My little barn-7


7. Cut strips of black construction paper and glue them along the outside of the corks to create a fence.


My little barn-8



Patricia-Ann Morisson

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