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10 ways to enjoy your yard

Now that flowers and gardens are planted and the grass is green, it's finally time to relax and enjoy your yard. The birds are chirping, the flowers are pretty, the sun is warm, the butterflies are gathering pollen from flowers, and the crickets are singing... sit back and relax. Here are a few ways you can take advantage of your yard with little ones

  1. Lie down on blankets set on the lawn and watch the clouds go by. Have fun counting them and inventing stories. Provide a small bag filled with soft items and encourage children to play with them on the blankets. You can also provide board games.
  2. Sit on cushions arranged under an oversized umbrella and read stories about vacations, the sun, or the beach.
  3. Arrange beach towels on the grass and massage sunscreen into each child's skin. Children will appreciate this activity and they will be protected from the sun. Encourage children to take turns drawing pictures on another child's back. If you wish, mix water and dirt together and let children spread mud all over their legs or arms, just like at the spa.
  4. Prepare several different fruit and vegetable slices and arrange them on children's faces for special facial masks. Paint their fingernails and/or their toenails. Spoil them!
  5. Drink pretty fruit cocktails. Decorate drinking glasses with multicoloured drinking straws and decorative umbrellas. Add cherries to the bottom of each glass. Why not dip each glass in lemon juice and then in sugar before pouring your cocktails for an extra special twist?
  6. Eat snacks and meals outdoors as much as possible. Serve a cheese platter and encourage children to discover new types of cheese. Offer refreshing snacks such as frozen yogurt popsicles. Freeze berries and add them to water. Children will love these special ice cubes. Enjoy corn on the cob with your group.
  7. Use blankets to build tents and let children nap under them or bring your naptime mattresses outside and let children nap under the trees.
  8. Organize rocking chair sessions. Bring all the rocking chairs you have outside and invite parents or grandparents to come help you rock the children in your group.
  9. Just like crocodiles, lie in the sun or relax on long chairs. Be sure to have sunglasses for everyone. You may also play summer music, just for fun!
  10. Stay cool by taking advantage of different water sources: kiddie pool, swimming pool, water table, water guns, spray bottles, and lawn sprinklers.


Enjoy summer in your yard!


Claudine Richard
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