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Swimming pool noodles and creativity

While holding a swimming pool noodle in my hands, I realized that it represented an object that could be explored with children.


Safe to use
I really like swimming pool noodles. They are colourful, flexible, and lightweight. They are also inexpensive and they can easily be cut to create noodles of different lengths. Furthermore, their rounded shape makes them perfect for children of all ages (supervision required since very young children can be tempted to bite them).


Encouraging creativity, exploration, and imitation games
To begin, I suggest simply depositing the noodles on the floor to introduce children to them. You can cut them into pieces using a knife (away from little fingers).

Swimming pool noodles and creativity-1

Let children explore the noodles as they wish. Help them develop their creativity by asking them simple questions. For example, you can ask them what the noodles remind them of and encourage them to find ways to use them.


When I first introduced my group to noodles, they had fun dragging them around. Slowly, children began using them to play. Among other things, they became swords and sausages being cooked over a pretend campfire.

Swimming pool noodles and creativity-2

They were also used for massages and as tiny rollers in manipulation bins.

Swimming pool noodles and creativity-3


Provide ideas
Of course, I encourage you to provide ideas while leaving room for children to express their creativity. Here are a few ideas:

  • Make flowers and use noodles as stems.
  • Pretend you are firemen and use the noodles to represent hoses.
  • Use the noodles to represent logs for various constructions.
  • Create shapes by arranging the noodles on the floor to make a giant design.

Use your imagination!

Chantal Millette
Early childhood educator


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