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Cleaning your yard

Here, I would like to take you on a short trip to your yard, where there is always so much to do. During spring, the yard must be raked, the bicycles must be prepared, and summer accessories must be dug out. Children can help you with these outdoor chores. Keeping children busy with small tasks will ensure they are close by. It will therefore be easy to keep an eye on them and you will get to enjoy spending time with them as an added bonus. There are so many advantages to working in the yard with children.


In need of a few tricks?

  • Purchase small rakes, shovels, and work gloves. Children will be so proud to use accessories that look just like the ones used by adults.
  • Clearly explain any rules and state what you expect of children. There are surely a few rules that must absolutely be respected such as not going into the street, staying close to an adult, not using particular instruments, etc.
  • Being realistic will encourage children to collaborate. Don't force them to help you. Instead, invite them to accompany you. Verbally encourage children and show them exactly what they must do.
  • Have fun! Don't forget to congratulate children, laugh off mistakes, and play music as you work. Basically, do everything you can to make chores fun for everyone!
  • Reward children with a special snack or refreshing drink.

Doing this will make chore time fly by!

Maude Dubé
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