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Ocean scene

Ocean scene-1



Children will love playing in their very own little seaside décor with figurines.


1. Gather your material. You will need a shoebox, blue poster paint, sandpaper, white glue and/or hot glue, a yellow pompom, a cotton ball, a pinecone, a tiny umbrella (for drinks), tiny seashells, wooden necklace beads, and green material (paper, straw, etc.).


Ocean scene-2

2. Paint the inside and outside of the box with blue paint. Let the paint dry completely. Apply a second coat of blue paint, if desired.


Ocean scene-3


3. Break the pinecone into tiny pieces.


Ocean scene-4


4. Apply white glue in a curved line as shown to represent the trunk of a palm tree. Press the pinecone pieces on the glue.


Ocean scene-5


5. Add your green material to create leaves. Glue the wooden beads in place to represent coconuts.


Ocean scene-6


6. Glue the yellow pompom to the side (the sun). Stretch out the cotton ball to add a fluffy cloud to your scene.


Ocean scene-7


7. Glue the sandpaper on the bottom of the box as shown. This will be the beach. Add seashells and a tiny umbrella. Your beach scene is ready to welcome its first visitors.


Ocean scene-8


Patricia-Ann Morisson



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