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Halloween: safety first!

With Halloween just days away, I decided to write about the important safety rules that must be respected to guarantee Halloween night is memorable for all.


Reminding children of these basic rules is crucial to avoid this celebration turning into a nightmare. Even if they have heard them before, here are rules worth repeating:

  • Wear makeup instead of a mask so you can see where you are going.
  • Wear a costume that fits to avoid tripping and falling.
  • Be seen: stick reflective strips on your costume so drivers can see you.
  • Go trick-or-treating with your family and never knock on a door if you are not with an adult.
  • Never enter a house, always stay outside.
  • On the street, never follow a stranger.
  • Always visit all the houses on one side of the street before crossing over to the other side. Be careful when crossing the street and respect traffic lights and signals.
  • Even if eating candy is tempting while you are out trick-or-treating, remember that an adult must check your candy before you eat it.
  • Don't forget that policemen are your friends. If you have a problem, they can help you.

I suggest discussing these rules with your group during circle time. Present the following situations to your group and encourage them to determine whether they respect the safety rules mentioned above or not. Invite them to discuss each situation and explain why they feel each situation is acceptable or unacceptable.

  • I am wearing my mother's dress as part of my princess costume. It drags on the ground behind me.
  • My costume is very dark, but I am wearing reflective strips on my back.
  • I really want to eat a lollipop, but I wait until I get home.
  • The street is very dark, so I decide to visit a house on one side of the street, then cross the street to visit another house, and continue going back and forth from one side of the street to the other.
  • My costume is black from head to toe.
  • A stranger asks me to follow him because he has candy he wants to give me.
  • Someone drops a chocolate in my bag. I haven't eaten chocolate in a long time and decide to eat it right away.
  • I knock on a door and the person who greets me asks me to come inside since it is very cold outside.
  • I can't find my parents. I see a police car parked on the street corner. I walk over to it.

Happy Halloween!

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