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My beautiful Christmas tree

Here are a few basic things that are good to know before you go shopping for this year's tree.


Purchasing a Christmas tree:

  • Shop around. Visit several Christmas tree merchants to find your perfect tree.
  • Once you have found the Christmas tree you want, gently brush a branch with your hand. The needles should not fall to the ground. If the branch remains intact, the tree is freshly cut.
  • Hit the bottom of the tree on the ground. No green needles should fall to the ground.
  • Don't forget to encourage children to take part in your Christmas tree shopping. They will forever cherish this activity.

Bringing your Christmas tree into your home:

  • Shake the Christmas tree before bringing it inside.
  • For better water absorption, cut the base of the trunk diagonally, the same way you cut the stems of freshly cut flowers.
  • Immediately place the foot of the tree in water and make sure there is always water in your bucket. Calculate 2 to 4 litres of water for a Christmas tree that measures 2 metres.
  • Set your Christmas tree far from any heat sources to prevent premature drying.
  • Decorate the tree as a family. Play Christmas music and light scented candles to set the mood.

When Christmas is over:

  • like to set my Christmas tree in my backyard. Birds use it for shelter. You can have fun imagining all kinds of snacks for the birds and use your creations to decorate the tree.

A simple snack for the birds:

  • A delicious pinecone

You will need:

  • A pinecone
  • Peanut butter
  • Birdseed (sunflower, barley, oats, etc.)
  • String

Begin by attaching the string to the pinecone. Pour the birdseed in a large container. Spread peanut butter all over the pinecone and roll it in the birdseed. Hang the pinecone in your tree.


Other suggestions:

  • You can cut a few branches and use them to create winter scenes in tiny plastic containers filled with floral foam. Children of all ages can take part in this activity. Purchase floral foam at your local dollar store. Decorate the winter scenes with tiny objects found in nature.
  • Collect fallen pine needles and use them to create your own potpourri sachets. They make great gifts!
  • Gardeners can also use pine needles to protect their flowerbeds during winter months.

There are so many ways to prolong the enjoyment that surrounds your Christmas tree. Keep this in mind before you toss it!


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