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A Christmas star-The poinsettia

What a beautiful plant! I always have two or three poinsettias set out during the Holidays. I keep them in plain sight, but away from little hands. There is no need to condemn this plant, but it is very important to find a safe spot for it. Although it isn't deadly toxic, it can cause dermatological (itching) and gastric problems (if ingested).


Poinsettias are indigenous to Mexico and Central America. In these regions, they can be up to 3 metres tall. Just imagine the décor! I think I would be tempted to set my long chair under a poinsettia plant and relax under its magnificent flowers...


Caring for a poinsettia:

  • Protect the plant from cold during transportation.
  • Avoid placing your plant in direct sunlight.
  • Water the poinsettia with lukewarm water only when the topsoil is very dry.
  • Avoid placing your plant too close to a heat source or an entrance. It is very sensitive to drafts.
  • The ideal temperature is 20°C during the day and 16-17°C during the night.

Safely exploring poinsettias with young children:

  • Set a single plant on a table for direct observation (leaves, flowers, shape of the leaves, color, etc.).
  • Discuss the regions poinsettias come from.
  • Inform children of the safety measures that must be respected and the dangers associated to poinsettias.
  • Tell children about the Legend of the Poinsettia (can be found on the Internet).

Poinsettia craft suggestions that make perfect gifts


Before Christmas, dollar stores usually have tons of fabric poinsettia leaves and flowers for sale. Use this material to make:

  • A wreath: Glue poinsettia leaves around a Styrofoam wreath shape.
  • A candleholder: Glue poinsettia leaves on a blank CD and stick a tea light candle in the centre.
  • A Christmas placemat: Encourage children to draw on a piece of cardboard and glue poinsettias around their drawing. Laminate.
  • A garland: Assemble several poinsettia leaves using a small needle and yarn to form a garland. Hang it in your Christmas tree.

You can also make your own poinsettias using red and green construction paper or felt. Glue your homemade poinsettias on paper plates with Christmas designs to make beautiful centrepieces. Use your imagination and listen to children's suggestions.


Poinsettias are readily available in stores in November and December and are relatively inexpensive. They make wonderful hostess gifts during the Holidays.


Merry Christmas!


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