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Decorative skate

Decorative skate-1


Introduce children to ice skating with this craft.

1. Gather your material. You will need newspaper, a brown paper lunch bag, a wide shoelace, white glue and/or hot glue, a hole-punch, scissors, a paintbrush, white poster paint (or black poster paint for boys), a sheet of gold or silver Fun Foam, and ribbon.


Decorative skate-2

2. Open the brown paper bag and cut the top off. Use the scissors to create a skate outline.


Decorative skate-3


3. Use the hole-punch to make holes along the upper portion of the skate's boot (in both layers).


Decorative skate-4


4. Press crumpled pieces of newspaper in the bag to round out the skate's shape.


Decorative skate-5


5. Paint the outside of the skate. Let dry completely.


Decorative skate-6


6. Thread the wide shoelace through the holes and tie the two ends together as shown.


Decorative skate-7


7. Cut two skate blade shapes out of the gold or silver Fun Foam.


Decorative skate-8


8. Glue the two blades together, back to back. Avoid gluing the top portion that attaches to the skate and fold them in opposite directions as shown to create a « cradle » for the skate boot.


Decorative skate-9



9. Glue the blade under the skate. Simply thread a piece of ribbon through one of the shoelace loops to hang the skate from the ceiling.


Decorative skate-10


Patricia-Ann Morisson

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